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The blazer has its roots in the grand sporting traditions of England, specifically the rowing community (the name comes from the post-race sports jackets worn by the ladies boat club at St. John’s College, Cambridge, whose bright red hue was said to ‘blaze’ in the Henley sun.) Since then, it’s become a sign of either celebration or semi-formality wherever it’s worn, whether that be at a summer wedding or a business pitch. ‘As it was high summer when we reached them, leather deck shoes there was no darkness. Yes, you can buy a Breton in various places, probably even on the high street when the sun starts to shine. Invest in blazers in a variety of materials that you can wear with the existing smart trousers you own to smarten up your downtime. What could “he” wear them with to make his friends less likely to poke fun at him? This is probably the last decade you’ll spend doing hard graft in the office – so make sure you look good doing it.

Look out for understated windowpane checks and houndstooth or materials like linen and textured or quilted wools – just make sure to take each to your tailor to ensure they fit right. At 2330 one night, we inflated the dinghy and rowed away from Martha Maria to take photos of her in the midnight sun. To the west, the setting sun over the Outer Hebrides turns the Torridon sandstone cliffs even pinker. In 2011, Roger and Howard sailed her from just north of Bergen over the 800 miles to the ‘frayed chain of granite islands. But the highlight of his sailing life was a cruise to the Lofoten Islands, a trip Roger had been hankering to make for over 50 years. The opportunity finally arrived when another Cambridge friend, Howard Steen, bought Martha Maria, a Vancouver 27, and moored her in the Baltic, sailing a little nearer each season to the Lofoten Islands.

As the latter, he cruised to St Kilda, the Lofoten Islands and Norway. There wasn’t a whisper of wind and the boat was bathed in soft, golden light with mountains and islands all round. Aboard Liberty, Roger has explored the Shetland and Orkney Islands and sailed round Cape Wrath; his favourite anchorage is also up in those western isles. Roger’s next boat was a Rival 34, Eugie, but he was disappointed with her and after three seasons, upgraded to a Rival 36, Liberty, which he shared with two friends, Peter Davies and Steve Henderson. Never a dull moment sailing with friend Peter Davies. ‘We performed as a team on the boat as we once did on the hills,’ Roger said about his offshore exploits, although sailing has also included day trips with ex-wife Sally and children, Elinor and Owen. He swam 80 lengths of his local pool twice a week; while he could still drive, deck shoes he refused to fit the blue disabled badge he was entitled to; he cycled the 30 minutes to and from work every day and he refused a walking stick until he could no longer stand without one. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Hackett, meanwhile, have been happy to uphold the sporting side of things while nodding to the bold lettering adored by streetwear aficionados.

They have a high, protective heel which might not suit everyone’s feet, and while the big toe is well protected, others toes are less so. If you can’t bring yourself to be shod in anything other than leather, opt for tailored shorts that are cut as well as your suit trousers, which opens up the options to include penny loafers. Many styles to suit with quality shoes that have spongy insoles for a very comfortable feel. I adore that the Yoga Direct Extra Long Mat is a quarter-inch (6.35mm) thick – it doesn’t feel like the company skimped on cushion for length. The classic option of vintage, faded denim and loafers (often with a turn up on the trousers) lends a relaxed David Hockney-esque feel to proceedings, though the rugby jersey can work just as nicely with neutral coloured chinos and Scandi-minimal sneakers. For more in our footwear department, browse our classic shoes and sandals too. Disneyland, not so far from the original store, supplied Vans footwear to the park’s workforce, starting off with all-black pairs made for employees on the monorail. Plus, with colour and size filters, deck shoes uk finding the right footwear has never been easier.

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